Watercolor Guest Portraits

Elevate your event with a live watercolor artist. Perfect for hosts who seek to infuse a touch of artistic charm into their gatherings, our guest portraits offer guests a memorable experience.

Unique & Personal Keepsake

Imagine your guests leaving with more than just memories; envision them carrying personalized works of art that capture the heart of your event. Our live watercolor artists send guests home with cherished portrait keepsakes, beautifully crafted on-site.

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How our Live Art Station works at your event

A one-of-a-kind experience


We Start with a Photo

When guests approach our station, we’ll explain the process and snap a quick photo of the guests. No need for them to wait – it’s time to enjoy the party!


Time to Paint

Our watercolor artists will work off our photographs of your guests to create their portrait, which takes around 8 minutes per person, on average. We can fit up to 4 people in each live art portrait!


Celebrate your Keepsake

Once the portrait is completed, we’ll package it up nicely for your guests to pick up before they leave!

Watercolor Guest Portraits

A quick snap of your guests before they enjoy the party turns into the most cherished keepsake, leaving with more than just memories!


starting at $1,800

Austin Area

San Antonio Area

Houston Area

includes one night hotel stay

Dallas Area

includes one night hotel stay

VIP Add-Ons

VIP add-ons are not performed on site, but in our studio. Each person gets their own custom painting, based on pictures from or after the wedding. Completed paintings will be mailed to the client for disbursement within 4-6 weeks after the wedding day.

For the Couple

3 in studio paintings based on picture perfect moments from the couple’s wedding day. Couples will receive their painted memory package within 4-6 weeks of wedding day.


For the Family, Bridesmaids and/or Groomsmen


Any remaining Guest Portraits not completed onsite


Anniversary Portraits

Commemorate your one-year wedding anniversary with a watercolor bridal portrait. Anniversary portraits make a great gift for your first year of marriage. After all, it is… THE PAPER ANNIVERSARY!